docrystal.org hosts documentation for Crystal shards on GitHub.

The source code for docrystal.org is available on GitHub.

Add a shard to docrystal

docrystal generates documentation from crystal source code.

To add a shard to docrystal, open the shard doc URL directly (ex: http://docrystal.org/github.com/manastech/crystal/0.9.0). If docrystal does not already have the documentation for the shard, then docrystal will fetch the source from the version control system on the fly and add the documentation.

docrystal checks for shard updates once per day.


docrystal.org provides badges for your shards. See also.


Send your ideas, feature requests and questions to the info@docrystal.org mailing list. Report bugs using the GitHub Issue Tracker.