class OceanKit::Resource::FloatingIps


Floating IP objects represent a publicly-accessible static IP addresses that can be mapped to one of your Droplets. They can be used to create highly available setups or other configurations requiring movable addresses.

Floating IP are bound to a specific region.

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Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from class OceanKit::Resource::Base

new(headers : HTTP::Headers | Nil) new

Instance methods inherited from module OceanKit::Client::Connection

destroy(path, options = nil) destroy, get(path, options = nil) get, post(path, options) post, put(path, options) put, request(http_method, path, options) request

Instance Method Detail

def all #

List all of the Floating IPs available on your account

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def cretate(droplet_id) #

On creation, a Floating IP must be either assigned to a Droplet or reserved to a region

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def delete(floating_ip) #

Delete a Floating IP and remove it from your account No response body will be sent back Response code will be a 204, which means that the action was successful

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def find(floating_ip) #

Show information about a Floating IP

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def floating_ips #

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