class OceanKit::Resource::SSHKey


Add SSH public keys to the interface so that you can embed your public key into a Droplet at the time of creation. Only the public key is required to take advantage of this functionality.

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Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from class OceanKit::Resource::Base

new(headers : HTTP::Headers | Nil) new

Instance methods inherited from module OceanKit::Client::Connection

destroy(path, options = nil) destroy, get(path, options = nil) get, post(path, options) post, put(path, options) put, request(http_method, path, options) request

Instance Method Detail

def all #

List all of the keys in your account,

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def create(name, public_key) #

Add a new SSH public key to your DigitalOcean account

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def delete(id : Int32 | String) #

Destroy a public SSH key that you have in account

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def find(id : Int32 | String) #

Show information about a key,

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def ssh_key #

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def update(id, new_name) #

Update the name of an SSH key

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