class OceanKit::Resource::Snapshot


Snapshots are saved instances of a Droplet or a volume, which is reflected in the resource_type attribute. In order to avoid problems with compressing filesystems, each defines a min_disk_size attribute which is the minimum size of the Droplet or volume disk when creating a new resource from the saved snapshot.

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Class methods inherited from class OceanKit::Resource::Base

new(headers : HTTP::Headers | Nil) new

Instance methods inherited from module OceanKit::Client::Connection

destroy(path, options = nil) destroy, get(path, options = nil) get, post(path, options) post, put(path, options) put, request(http_method, path, options) request

Instance Method Detail

def all #

To list all of the snapshots available on your account,

The response will be a JSON object with a key called snapshots. This will be set to an array of snapshot objects, each of which will contain the standard snapshot attributes

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def delete(id) #

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def find(id) #

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def snapshots #

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