module Edits::Levenshtein


Implementation of Levenshtein distance algorithm.

Determines distance between two string by counting edits, identifying:

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def self.distance(str1, str2) #

Calculate the Levenshtein (edit) distance of two sequences.

Note: a true distance metric, satisfies triangle inequality.

Levenshtein.distance("sand", "hands") # => 2

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def self.distance(str1, str2, max : Int32) #

Calculate the Levenshtein (edit) distance of two sequences, bounded by a maximum value. For low max values, this can have better performance.

Levenshtein.distance "cloud", "crayon"             # => 5
Levenshtein.distance_with_max "cloud", "crayon", 2 # => 2

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def self.most_similar(prototype, strings : Enumerable) #

Given a prototype string and an array of strings, determines which string is most similar to the prototype.

Levenshtein.most_similar("foo", strings) is functionally equivalent to strings.min_by { |s| Levenshtein.distance("foo", s) }, leveraging a max distance.

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